Hope-Page Schools Communication Survey
Our school's vision statement is clearly communicated to stakeholders (parents, students, staff and community): The vision at Hope-Page Schools is to create well-rounded, self-directed lifelong-learners. *

Our school's vision statement is formally reviewed and revised with involvement from parents.

Our school's administration and school boards operate responsibly and function effectively.

Our school's administration and school boards have a positive effect on the operation of our school.

Our school shares responsibility for student learning with stakeholders (parents, students, staff, and community).

Our school communicates effectively about the school's goals and activities.

Our school provides opportunities for stakeholders to be involved in the school (parents, students, staff, and community).

All of the teachers and staff work as a team to communicate my child's learning.

All of the teachers and staff help me to understand my child's progress.

All of my child's teachers keep me informed of how my child is being graded.

All of my child's teachers report on my child's progress in easy to understand language.

My child sees a relationship between what is being taught and his/her everyday life.

My child knows the expectations for learning in all classes.

My child has at least one adult in the school to support them.

My child's assessment results are communicated to me regularly.

My child's school effectively uses technology to communicate, such as the school's website, email, texting, all calls, Class Dojo, and the Remind app.

Our school communicates to parents about support services (counseling and/or career planning).

Our school communicates opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them.

My child has administrators and teachers that monitor and inform me of his/her learning progress.

What suggestions do you have for improving our school's communication?

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